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We are assembling an incredible team with diverse backgrounds in investment banking, technology, media, and publishing.

Currently GLX has over 25 employees and contractors with the majority focused on web and technology development.


Ronald P. Russo, Jr.

Founder & CEO

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Marc Baskin


David Mauricio Muñoz

Senior Software Engineer

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Michael J. Piatt

Advisory Board Member

Larry Johnston

Advisory Board Member

David L. Ronn

Advisory Board Member

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Satoshi Nakamoto loves GLX.com

Satoshi Nakamoto loves GLX.com

Board of DirectorsGLX is in the process of sourcing independent world class board members with public market experience.


Blockchain Development

Vishal Singh, Chief Platform Advisor, InnCreTech, LLC – www.inncretech.com

Neeraj S. Srivastava, Chief BlockChain Architect, DLT Labs – www.dltlabs.io

GLX ERC20 Contract, UI Development

Satoshi Nakamoto loves GLX.com

Satoshi Nakamoto loves GLX.com