GLX - Bitcoin Benny Press Release

Komodo’s Ben Fairbank Joins GLX Advisory Board

SHERIDAN, WY – May 24, 2018 (Accesswire) – Today GLX is happy to announce that Ben “Bitcoin Benny” Fairbank has joined the GLX Advisory Board. Mr. Fairbank is currently the Managing Director of Komodo, a one stop Blockchain solution provider.

“Benny is one of the most connected people in the cryptocurrency industry. Globally, he is known for his razor sharp due diligence on the underlying businesses issuing altcoins. Benny is working with GLX to incorporate solutions from the Komodo Platform. He is also instrumental in helping design and promote the GLX token sale. His social media following and global network of cryptocurrency industry media, influencers and investors is unmatched. GLX views his involvement as a game changer for the company.”, said Ronald Russo, GLX’s Founder & CEO.

GLX - Bitcoin Benny Press Release

About Ben “Bitcoin Benny” Fairbank

Known worldwide as “Bitcoin Benny”, Mr. Fairbank’s YouTube and Twitter social media communities include tens of thousands of engaged and loyal followers. He is regularly considered a leading authority by leading industry media and his peers. Mr. Fairbank’s social media channel’s core competency is evaluating and investing in Blockchain and Altcoins. His track record in this regard is well documented having made many public calls that led to significant profits for his followers.

Mr. Fairbank resume includes 20 plus years of global C-level experience in the Telecommunications and Customer Experience industries including several years at Virgin Mobile. Ben has worked extensively in the UK, Asia Pacific, Middle East and South African markets.

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About the Komodo Platform

Komodo is an open source Blockchain platform that focuses on providing anonymity through zero knowledge proofs and security through a novel Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) protocol. The ecosystem consists of 5 key components that are integrated into the platform.

  1. Komodo Core: The ecosystem’s cryptocurrency (KMD)
  2. Assetchains: Tokenization and white-glove blockchain solutions. These tokens can be used as cryptocurrencies or to store data on the blockchain.
  3. Jumblr: Zero Knowledge coin agnostic mixer
  4. BarterDEX: Decentralized exchange that performs atomic swaps on native and SPV clients. It allows users to trade blockchain-to-blockchain without giving up their privatekeys.
  5. Agama: Multi Wallet for all cryptocurrencies.

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