GLX Public Relations and Marketing Activity Leads To Significant Social Media Community Growth

PALM BEACH, FL – April 18, 2018 (Accesswire) – Today GLX announced that the recent increase of public relations announcements, increased attendance at major industry events, and the addition of a dedicated social media community manager has led to significant growth in GLX’s social media communities.

As of April 18, 2018 GLX had:

  1. 3,461 Facebook followers
  2. 1,065 Instagram followers
  3. 1,069 Twitter followers

Ronald Russo, GLX’s Founder & CEO stated, “It is no secret that robust social media communities coupled with a strategy to increase engagement is a vital component to any Cryptocurreny Token Sale. GLX recently brought on a dedicated social media manager to work with our Marketing team to focus on social media community growth and engagement. We will continue to grow and engage the communities while launching additional campaigns to grow important channels such as YouTube and Bitcointalk.”

GLX recently announced a significant update to its corporate Whitepaper. The update unveils a new enhanced business model combining Blockchain, xR (Virtual Reality “VR” / Augmented Reality “MR” / Mixed Reality “MR”), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data. There has been tremendous interest and meeting requests regarding the Pre-Sale of the GLXToken (GLXT). GLX is leveraging this increased interest to execute their social media development plans.