Upcoming GLX Whitepaper Release Incorporates Next-Generation Technologies Including Virtual Reality and AI

PALM BEACH, FL – April 2, 2018 (Accesswire) – Today GLX announced that they will be releasing an updated version of their highly anticipated Whitepaper entitled “GLX: An Emerging Technology Platform for Global Financial Markets“. The update unveils a new enhanced business model combining Blockchain, xR (Virtual Reality “VR” / Augmented Reality “MR” / Mixed Reality “MR”), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data.

Similar sentiment regarding the explosive potential of these technologies is shared among industry leaders. Recently, Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of Coinbase, stated, “I suspect a successful business model to create these worlds will be the blockchain-based token model… virtual worlds are going to be one of the first killer apps for blockchains and perhaps the deepest users of them. I’d guess blockchains will be the full blown backbone of virtual worlds — the system for currency, assets, identity, even governance — before doing the same in the “real world”.”

By now, there is universal consensus that Blockchain is fundamentally changing the world of finance. However, the true, transformative potential comes when blockchain is combined with other emerging technologies, unlocking new capabilities, new experiences, and new opportunities. Until recently, platforms and interfaces like GLX have only been seen in movies like Iron Man and Avatar. Yet these technologies are closer than most realize.

If Blockchain is where the Internet was in 1995, and Virtual Reality is still in the “iPod phase”, the collision of these emerging fields will undoubtedly unleash a new world of opportunity.

About GLX

GLX BullGLX is a blockchain-powered technology platform for global financial markets. We are building an open, decentralized, and connected suite of products and services that will enable new business models to emerge. Our solutions facilitate new interactions, interfaces and experiences for individuals, institutions and industries.

GLX takes on new challenges and opportunities presented by the ubiquitous, pervasive, and ambient computing platforms of the future. The platform allows members to unlock and unleash the true potential of blockchain, virtual / augmented reality and artificial intelligence in the global capital markets. The destination is a ground-breaking global capital market information portal and financial networking platform.

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Ronald is the Founder & CEO of GLX. He has been an entrepreneur and an active member of the private equity and investment banking communities for over 26-years.

Ronald completed high school in 1988 at Seton Hall Preparatory School in West Orange, NJ. He received a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration degree from St. John’s University in Queens, NY in 1993. He resides in Palm Beach, FL.